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What made Ancient Rome so important?

Welcome to the world of Ancient Rome!

We invite you to an instructive journey through the Empire, which enjoyed its splendour throughout 1229 years.

We will guide you through the palace of Julius Ceasar and take you for a stroll on narrow and twisting streets from before 2000 years. You will also visit the Forum Romanum.

Together we will observe Roman wars and admire their strategic genius. You will get to know the whole history, culture and art of Romans, starting from establishment of the city in 753 BC, through the period of republic, Empire and finishing on the fall of West-Roman Empire in 476 AD.

You will read about the ancient gods and myths, and for a dessert we will show you round the Rome - you will have an ability to know every lane, see magnificent photos and the map of ROME.

It depends only on you, how much information about Ancient Rome you will discover...

An excursion to ancient Rome
Take part in a virtual trip and travel in time exacly to Ancient Rome. phone

Roman coins
Why Roman coins are so precious nowadays? What was the reason that they survived such a long time? What Ancien Rome owe to this coins? phone

Transportation and roads
What kind of problem the Romans managed to solve? Why were the transpostation and roads so vital during the expansion of the Rome? phone

Roman Art
What was the roman art mostly influenced by? What sort of changes in art appeared within ages? phone

Daily life in Ancient Rome
How did the daily life of romans really look like? What did they wear and eat? How did they entertain themselves? phone

The Coliseum - a great Roman monument
Do you know, that the Coliseum is such a big, 48 m high building, that it can contain about 50000 of viewers? And have you heard, that under the arena surface were tunnels and rooms, in which before Games prisoners, slaves and animals were kept? phone

Why Pompeii vanished? Why did it come to this? How this tragedy made an impact on Ancient Rome? phone

Roman law
What are the diferences between the beginning of the law, Gaius Institutions, Justinian Code, Roman law and nowadays law? phone

Jesus and Christianity
What role played the Christianity in Rome? What part of population professed this religion? When the ruler himself bacame converted to Christianity? phone

Romulus and Remus - the beginning of Rome
How Rome came to a being - what the legends are saying and what historical sources? The legend about Remus and Romulus - is there at least a bit of truth in this legend? phone

Roman mythology
Move yourself with us to magnificent world of roman mythology. Familiarize yourself to the roman myths, which are making the histroy of Rome so beautiful. phone

Roman gods and godesses
What kind of Gods were in Ancient Rome? How did people revere them? Names of the main Gods, beliefs and religious traditions of Romans. phone

The Gallic Wars - the genius of Julius Caesar strategy
How did Julius Ceasar conquer the Gaul? Read the history of the Gallic Wars and find out more about Ceasar's strategic genius. phone

Julius Ceasar by William Shakespeare
Why did Shakespeare decide to write a play about Julius Ceasar? What did he find so interesting in Ceasars' personality? phone

Death of Julius Ceasar
What was the reason of Julius Ceasar's death? How did he die and what sort of enemies did he have? phone

The Punic Wars
What were the reasons beyond this greates conflict in ancient history? Read about the Punic Wars' greatest battles and the commanders, whose decisions influenced their outcome. phone

Marc Anthony
How did the life of great Marc Antony really look like? What the history owe to him? The true disclosure of a man who commited suicide. phone

Julius Ceasar biography
How did Julius Ceasar live? What did he achieve and why do people belive that he was the one who gave birth to the Roman Empire? phone

The Roman Empire
How the Roman Empire came to a being, who ruled it, how it functioned and why it collapsed? phone

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Downfall of the Empire phone

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